The Wall


The Brockton Art Committee (BAC) invites submissions from artists who would like their original work considered for display on the Walkerton Library Art Wall (The Wall) and lower level gallery. The Committee reviews proposals, makes selections and establishes an annual exhibition schedule.

Four to six shows are planned for The Wall each calendar year. Each exhibition period is two to three months. Exhibitions for the lower level gallery require volunteer gallery sitters coordinated by the committee and the artist.

We would also like to remind artists of the opportunity to show their work on the "Wall" within the Walkerton Branch Library. We are currently scheduling artists for 2017 and a reminder there is no charge for the space. This is an excellent chance for local artist's to share their work in or near their home town. Please contact Tracey at the Walkerton Branch Library if you are interested at 519-881-3240.

The Wall is located on the main floor of the Walkerton Library. The display area is approximately 14 feet by 8 feet. Work in any fine art medium is acceptable though the space is only suitable for work that can be hung.

Art Wall Artist Entry Form

2018 Artist Schedule

March 1-31, 2018 - Paul Drysdale
"By Chance The Wall Show"

Paul likes to work in found material. In some cases a piece of paper or an object will suggest a beginning. In other cases the work will evolve from layering or assembling, just as a painting might evolve from a shape, texture, line or colour. His materials tend to have an historical patina, for example that which is found on old wall paper, rusted metal and wooden objects.

Paul Drysdale

Paul Drysdale

Paul Drysdale