Welcome From the Mayor


Mayor's Message

On behalf of myself and Brockton Council, welcome to our website. 

The Municipality of Brockton is a diverse community with strong rural roots, friendly villages and a vibrant downtown core. Walkerton is the County Town of Bruce County, and the home of the County Administration office, Provincial Courts, and a County Home for the aged. Walkerton is set in the beautiful Saugeen River valley. The Saugeen is recognized as one of the best fishing and canoeing rivers in North America. Our farming community continues to be the economic driver in the region with some of the most modern farms, and some of the best farm land in the province. Brockton is a natural tourist destination for visitors who enjoy fishing, hunting, hiking, canoeing, heritage and much more. Business and industry is vital to our community and we are proud that Energizer, Larsen & Shaw, Price Schonstrom, Bogdon & Gross Furniture, and Hammond Power Solutions have chosen to do business here.  

Come discover why we love living, working and playing in Brockton - we'd love the pleasure of your company.

David Inglis, Mayor