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Water Quality and Conservation


Water is Life

All living things depend on water and it is our responsibility to protect and conserve it.

In Brockton there are many individuals and partners working to manage our fresh water. In this section you'll find information about programs, tips for conserving water and information about regional water quality monitoring. We can all play a part.

In May 2012, Brockton Council passed a by-law to regulate the application of fertilizer to protect water quality around our inland lakes. To learn more read By-Law 2012-37 - Inland Lakes Water Quality By-law.

To explore more on the topic of fresh water facts in Canada and the world, visit the Environment Canada's Water page.

To learn more about Brockton's Water story visit our Water page or download a Walkerton Water Driving Tour brochure.

 Drinking Water Source Protection

The Source Protection Programs Branch of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change launched a Source Protection Information Atlas (SPIA) in January 2017. 

This interactive mapping tool has been improved to provide additional support for the implementation of source water protection efforts by our program stakeholders.

The information atlas displays more than 1,100 wellhead protection areas and intake protection zones, with features that allow you to easily search, customize and access vital source protection science and policy information.

The enhanced atlas provides added layers of information including a series of jurisdictional boundaries. We are most excited about the new watercourse flow direction feature that can help users to understand how a spill would travel along a body of water, and a new tool enabling users to upload and view their own local datasets on top of the provincial layers.