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Utilities Manager
Municipality of Brockton Box 68, 100 Scott Street Walkerton, ON NOG 2VO
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The Municipality of Brockton owns one sewer system in Walkerton serving 2,100 properties. All other residents within the municipality are on private individual septic systems.

The Municipality is responsible for:

  • 41 km of sewer mains
  • all municipal sewer laterals up to individual property lines

Homeowners are responsible for:

  • sewer and water lines on their property
  • cleaning sewer laterals up to the municipal main

Policies and By-Laws

The following by-laws and policies guide us in our work:

Inflow and Infiltration in Sanitary Sewer Pipes

When inflow and infiltration enters sanitary sewer pipes, the sewer system may become overloaded with water and cause multiple problems. To help this problem, keep clean water out of the sanitary sewer and reduce treatment costs. Ensure your sump pump and downspout water is directed to your lawn, garden or rain barrel.

Inflow is the flow of storm water into the sanitary sewer system from sources such as downspouts and illegal sump pump connections.

Infiltration is the gradual downward flow of water from the ground surface into the soil and into the wastewater collection system.

For more information, view the Inflow and Infiltration Brochure.

Illegal Sump Pump Connections

Sump pump discharge should be visible. Sump pumps connected to the sanitary sewer are in violation of the Ontario Building Code and Municipality of Brockton By-law. These illegal connections direct clean water from foundation drains to the sanitary sewer rather than onto the lawn.  When water enters the sanitary sewer through illegal connections, this is considered inflow and the wastewater treatment plant could become overloaded with clean water.

What Residents and Businesses Should Do

Residents and businesses need to do their part to make changes as soon as possible to help keep down costs to tax payers, to prevent their basements from flooding, and to keep contaminated water out of rivers and streams.  Also, when a home or business owner sells a property, an inspection could reveal one of these illegal connections, requiring the owner to correct it.

Please contact the Utilities Department at 519-881-2223 Ext. 134 with any questions. 


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