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Roads, Streets and Bridges


John Strader
Works Superintendent
Municipality of Brockton
Box 68, 100 Scott Street
Walkerton, ON NOG 2VO
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Phone: 519-881-2223 Ext. 25
Toll Free: 1-877-885-8084
Fax: 519-881-2991
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Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)
Toll Free: 1-888-310-1122

There are about 600 km of roads and streets in Brockton. While some of these roads and streets are owned and maintained by the County of Bruce or the Province of Ontario, the majority are maintained by our Brockton Roads Department.

We also own and maintain over 38 bridges throughout the municipality. Most bridges located on boundary roads are maintained by the County of Bruce.

Reporting Situations After Hours

If your situation requires immediate attention, please call the OPP at 1-888-310-1122.  The OPP have access to call out numbers for municipal staff as well as other service providers.

Encroachments on Road Allowance

If the municipality does work on municipal property and this affects your driveway or landscaping, our Repairs and Replacement of Encroachments on Road Allowance Policy identifies who is responsible for repairing or replacing these encroachments.

Dust Control

Dust suppressants are applied once annually to rural roads to assist in controlling dust. Dust suppressants do not create a driving surface. Effectiveness of dust suppressants are maximized when moisture is present for the calcium chloride to bond with, and to create a seal on the surface of the gravel road. When moisture is not present, due to prolonged dry periods, the effectiveness of the dust suppressants can be reduced.

Suppliers of dust suppressants generally do not recommend reapplication during dry periods. Without the presence of appropriate moisture, the products are found not to perform as desired, and therefore, do not represent value for the expenditure. The Municipality regularly reviews application rates. Adjustments have been made based on factors such as traffic volume, road base and past performance.

Winter Maintenance and Snow Removal

The following policies guide our winter maintenance and snowplowing activities: