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Regional Water Quality and Monitoring


Surface Water and Groundwater Quality

Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority (SVCA) conducts regular monitoring of surface water to record long-term trends as well as nutrient and microbiological content (including phosphorus, nitrates, chloride, suspended solids and E. coli). SVCA also maintains a series of wells to monitor the quantity and quality of groundwater across its jurisdiction as part of the Provincial Groundwater Monitoring Network.  

Maintaining these long term data sets enables SVCA to:

  • track the causes of degradation to surface water quality
  • determine the effectiveness of conservation efforts
  • monitor groundwater sources 
  • prepare drinking water source protection plans
  • determine water allocation
  • monitor potential climate change impacts

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Watershed Report Cards

All Ontario Conservation Authorities (CA) are responsible for producing a “Watershed Report Card.” These Report Cards help to share information with the public and give managers a standard evaluation tool to help them make decisions.

These report cards examine more than water quality, they also update us on ecosystem and watershed conditions and watershed health.

To learn more about the reports prepared by the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority, follow the links below: