Styrofoam will not be accepted at the MTO Yard, but can be placed into your garbage to be picked up. Brockton is working on locating a new supplier, but as of June 2017, styrofoam is temporarily suspended, and will not be accepted.


Polystyrene is a petroleum-based plastic made from the styrene monomer. Because it is 95 percent air, it is often used as protective packaging for electronics and appliances.

Polystyrene is bulky and takes up a lot of space in our landfills. Since December 2007 the Municipality of Brockton has recycled over 70 tractor trailer loads of polystyrene - that's 5 times the height of the CN Tower.

Accepted items for polystyrene recycling


  • Remove all tape, plastic and other contaminants.
  • Place polystyrene in clear plastic bags; this makes handling easier for staff.
  • Ensure material is clean and dry.

Accepted Items

Polystyrene packaging from:

  • Computers
  • Electronics (cameras, TVs, DVD players, etc.)
  • Appliances (toasters, blenders, coffee makers, etc.)

Not Accepted

  • Hot tub cover styrofoam inserts
  • Styrofoam take-out containers
  • Meat trays
  • Coffee cups
  • Disposable dishware
  • Packing peanuts / popcorn
  • Construction insulation, blue and pink
  • Polyethylene foam bags & wrapping

Refuse what cannot be recycled in Brockton: bring your own container, mug or bulk jar and encourage retailers to switch to reusable, recyclable or compostable alternatives.

Drop-Off Locations

*As of June 2017, styrofoam is temporarily suspended and will not be accepted at Drop-Off Locations.*