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Municipal Tree Planting Programs


We believe trees are important and we strive to maintain a healthy tree population in Brockton's urban and rural areas.

Trees provide natural benefits and improve the visual appearance of our parks, cemeteries, road sides and boulevards.

To learn more, read our Municipal Tree Policy.

Tree Planting Program

Any Brockton resident who wishes to have a tree planted on municipal property (boulevards, road sides etc.) adjacent to their property may contact our office to have their name put on the list.

Please note: properties along County roads and streets are not eligible for this program as these boulevards and road sides are County property, NOT Municipal property.

Trees are usually planted every spring by our Works Department staff. We purchase the trees and the size and species of the tree depends on availability.

A stake can be placed where you wish the tree to be planted and our staff will determine if it is a suitable place to plant the tree.

Brockton Community Shade Tree Program

Our Community Shade Tree Program was established in 2001 and offers individuals, companies and organizations the opportunity to donate funds towards tree planting in Brockton.

Donor Recognition

Donations of any amount are welcome and donations of $250 or more are recognized on the Community Shade Tree Program Plaque on display outside the Municipal Office at 100 Scott Street, Walkerton.

There are five levels of donor recognition:

  • $250 to $499
  • $500 to $999
  • $1,000 to $2,499
  • $2,500 to $4,999
  • $5,000 and Above

Brockton Community Shade Tree Program - Donor Recognition List

Making a Donation

Donations can be made to the Community Shade Tree Program by filling out the following form:


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