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Lottery Licensing


Brandy Patterson
Deputy Clerk
Municipality of Brockton Box 68, 100 Scott Street Walkerton, ON NOG 2VO
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T. 519-881-2223 Ext. 24
Toll Free: 1-877-885-8084
F. 519-881-2991
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Meeting with a Licensing Officer

Please contact one of our two Licensing Officers to set an appointment to review your application or report. Applications and reports will no longer be accepted without a meeting. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please also note our Scent Free Office Policy - thank you.


To be eligible to conduct lotteries your organization must:

  • be based within the boundaries of the Municipality of Brockton
  • have been in existence for at least one full year prior to being considered eligible 
  • be in possession of a lottery trust account with two signing officers of the charity with cheque signing privileges, and monthly bank statements

Required Documents 

The Municipality must be in possession of the following prior to processing an application:

  • Governing Documents
    Constitution and /or by-laws, letters patent, charter, trust deed, memorandum of association, signed as required
  • Detailed Outline of Programs/Services
    What they are, how are they delivered to clients, specific costs, supporting materials, etc.
  • Organization's Current Operating Budget
  • Organization's Verified Financial Statements for Last Fiscal Year
  • List of Board of Directors
  • Latest Report to the Public Guardian and Trustee, if Applicable
  • Revenue Canada Notification of Registration Letter if Your Organization is Registered
  • Membership List, if Applicable
  • Organization's Annual Report, if Applicable

Lottery Licensing Prize Maximums and Fees


  • Prize Maximum: $5,500 (prize value over $5,500 must be provincially licensed)
  • Fee: 3 percent (3%) of total prize value to a maximum of $250.00 per license with a $10.00 minimum fee

Raffle or Bazzar

  • Prize Maximum: $50,000
  • Fee: 3 percent (3%) of total prize value to a maximum of $250.00 per license with a $10.00 minimum fee

Break Open and Nevada

  • Prize Maximum: none

  • Fee: 3 percent (3%) of total prize value; no maximum fee

Lottery Applications

Licensees wishing to use proceeds for any purpose not requested on their original application must request a licence amendment and receive approval before using the proceeds for those purposes.

Raffle Forms

Blanket Raffle Forms

Bingo Forms

Break Open and Nevada Forms

For complete information visit the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario Break Open Ticket page.

Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

Complete information about charitable gaming in Ontario can be found on the the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) website.