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Information on Decisions


Brockton Council makes decisions following a legislative process set by the Ontario Municipal Act. Council considers such things as:

  • Needs of the community
  • Community Strategic Plan
  • Council’s priorities
  • Recommendations from Committees
  • Advice and recommendations from Staff
  • Legislation

The community has a role throughout Council’s decision making process. As issues move from idea to decision, community input is critical. Members of the community can contact their Municipal Councillor or the Mayor, speak with Municipal staff, speak at a Committee, participate in local and neighbourhood groups working with the Municipality and of course, vote in municipal elections.

How are Issues Identified?

Council makes decisions on issues that are identified by:

  • Community members who use the services and programs
  • Mayor or Council members
  • Municipal Staff as part of their evaluation and management of programs, policies or services
  • Research on the practices of other municipalities
  • Changes in demand for programs and services or changes in legislation

Once an issue or idea has been identified, Municipal staff will talk to community members, Councillors, and anyone else who is interested or affected by the issue. Based on this research, staff will prepare a report for Council that gives background information on the issue, identifies costs and suggests options for Council to Consider.

Making Decisions

Council generally makes decisions at its Council Meetings. Delegations and Deputations are welcome to assist in the decision making process.

Council reviews all recommendations and decides to approve it, send the recommendations back to a committee or staff for further investigation, or vote against it. If approved, staff will begin work on implementing the recommendations identified in the report.