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Dog Licences


All dogs in Brockton must be licenced each year and must wear their dog tag at all times.

Owners are allowed to keep a maximum of three (3) dogs. If you would like to keep more than three (3) dogs, you must apply for a Kennel Licence.

We encourage every owner to read Brockton's Dog Control By-Laws  which outline regulations around dogs in Brockton:

All Dog Owners must keep their dogs on a leash and abide by "poop and scoop" regulations.

If you have any concerns about dogs in Brockton, contact our Animal Control Officer.

Registering Your Dog

In 2014, permanent dog tags were issued to all registered dogs in Brockton. 

If you have a new dog or are a dog owner who is new to Brockton you must register and licence any dog older than six (6) months, with the Municipality, within one week.

Please visit the Municipal Office to register your dog and receive your permanent dog tag.

If You No Longer Have a Dog

If you no longer have a dog, please contact the Municipal Office and we will update our database.

Lost Tags

If your dog's tag is lost, please visit the Municipal Office to purchase a replacement tag. Fees for replacement tags are listed below.


Dog licence fees are set annually and invoices are mailed to registered dog owners. Licence fees are due April 1 each year and a late fee is applied to each overdue tag.

In 2014, permanent dog tags were issued to all registered dogs in Brockton.  From 2015 forward all registered dog owners will just receive their annual invoice by mail and dogs will continue to wear their permanent tag. 



First Dog


Additional Dogs


Kennel Licence
(More than 3 dogs and must meet Kennel Licence requirements)


Late Fee (after April 1)

per tag

Dangerous Dogs (per dog)


Replacement Tags


Kennel Licencing

If you wish to keep more than three (3) dogs, we require that a Kennel Licence Application be completed and an inspection be conducted before a Kennel Licence can be issued. A Kennel Licence must be applied for each year.

For more information view the following: