Corrugated Cardboard


Cardboard boxes seem to be in abundant supply though like any item are best reused before they are recycled.

Before you toss your corrugated cardboard in the recycling bin consider reusing it first:

  • Mail a parcel in a repurposed box instead of a new one
  • Return it to the store or supplier for reuse
  • Pass on boxes to a friend who is moving
  • Sheet mulch your garden
  • Inspire hours of fun, kids love cardboard boxes!
  • Protect surfaces from paint or spills 

Accepted and unaccepted items for corrugated cardboard recycling


  • Please flatten all boxes.

Accepted Items

  • Clean corrugated cardboard boxes only
  • Clean pizza boxes

Not Accepted

  • Waxed cardboard
  • Box board (cereal, cracker & tissue boxes etc.) 

Drop-Off Locations