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Civil Marriages


Civil Marriages allow you to personalize your wedding ceremony, making it as simple or as special as you wish.


The Municipality of Brockton has appointed four officiants to perform marriages:

  • Debra Roth
  • Margaret (Mike) Taylor
  • Mark Gaynor
  • Colin Saunders

Civil Marriage Package

The purchase of a Civil Marriage Package includes:

  • the services of the Officiant who conducts a pre-ceremony meeting
  • the performance of the marriage
  • the handling of the registration paperwork


  • $300.00 - for marriages performed at the Municipal Office on Fridays, 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Arrangements may be requested for Monday to Friday during the hours of 8:30 to 4:30 p.m., provided the Brockton Meeting Room is available.
  • $350.00 - for marriages off-site and on weekends.
  • Rehearsal requests may incur an additional $50.00 fee if the Officiant determines that it is required. This fee is to be paid directly to the officiant.
  • The Municipality will provide witnesses if required, for a fee of $25.00 each, paid directly to the witness.

If you are interested in a civil marriage please review the Guidelines and complete the Marriage Officiant Booking Agreement Form.

Marriage Licencing

Please visit our Marriage Licences page for more information.


Ceremonies can be small and intimate, or large and elaborate; it's your day! 

As a sample, please review our Basic Ceremony. Other sample ceremonies are available on request.

Venue Rentals

Looking for the perfect venue for your wedding ceremony or reception? Visit our Community Centres page to learn more about hosting your big day in Brockton!

Meet the Officiants

photo of Debra Roth

Debra Roth

Debra was the CAO/Clerk for the Municipality of Brockton and has been performing marriages since 2010. Since her retirement as of December 2017, Deb will continue to perform marriages on her personal time. She feels honoured to be able to participate in such a special and meaningful occasion. A marriage is unique to each and every couple and the small things count. Whether it is a sand or candle ceremony, or the tying of the knot, each detail is reviewed to ensure that the couple are relaxed and happy on their wedding day. Debra has a calm and comforting demeanour and is very relaxed whether officiating in a large celebration or a small intimate ceremony. Whether your chosen venue is the beach, barn, cornfield, garden or the council chambers, Debra will work with you to make your wedding truly unique and special.

Contact Deb at 519-377-5345 to book your wedding with her.


photo of Mike Taylor

Margaret (Mike) Taylor

Mike enjoys working with each couple to plan their perfect wedding ceremony, a wedding that will be both meaningful and memorable. She is sensitive to the needs of her clients in a friendly and professional manner and her experience with the CNIB, recording talking books for the blind, teaching in various venues, and volunteer positions requiring both leadership and compassion, make her an ideal choice as your officiant. She is easy going and approachable, willing to work with you to create the ceremony of your dreams.

For more information visit


photo of Mark Gaynor

Mark Gaynor

L. Mark Gaynor believes your wedding day is a wonderful day and every step in the planning up to your special day is important to each and every couple. As a Marriage Officiant, Mark loves working with couples to ensure that the ceremony and vows are exactly what they want and expect. He would be honoured to be part of your special day and to make sure it is done in a memorable way for each and every one of you.


photo of Colin Saunders

Colin Saunders

Colin Saunders is the Director of Operations for the Municipality of Brockton and has been performing marriages since December 2012. Colin and his wife, Cindy, have been married for 30 years and have four daughters. Colin enjoys working with the couple to ensure the wedding experience is tailored to their wishes. Colin is very calm and approachable and looks forward to working with you during this exciting time in your lives.