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By-law Enforcement


The Municipality of Brockton strives to make our community safe, healthy and enjoyable for everyone.

By-laws are created as a way to address issues and concerns of the community. They are created to protect the environment, public health, safety, and to maintain a pleasant community for everyone.

Some complaints and inconveniences are a part of living in a community and can generally be tolerated. However, excessive and continued activities that disturb or negatively affect the enjoyment of our communities do not have to be tolerated.

Visit our Municipality of Brockton By-Laws page for our current and most frequently referenced by-laws.

By-Law Enforcement Officer

At times residents may act in a way that is offensive to others. The Municipal By-Law Enforcement Officer investigates concerns such as noise complaints (e.g. barking dogs, loud music),  littering/dumping, fences, portable signs, and other matters that are addressed by municipal by-laws.

Our Municipal By-Law Enforcement objectives are:

  • to increase public awareness of the municipality's current by-laws
  • to assist residents to become more familiar with their responsibilities and rights as property owners or tenants
  • to achieve compliance with our by-laws through education rather than fines

By-Law Infractions

Payment for by-law infractions and tickets can be made at our Municipal Office by:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Debit

How to Make an Inquiry or Complaint

  • Contact the Municipal Office or By-Law Enforcement Officer

The By-Law Officer may require a written complaint with contact information for follow-up or, depending on the nature of the offence, may ask you to provide evidence and/or to appear as a witness in any court proceeding pertaining to the complaint made.