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Accessibility Standards for Customer Service


Debra Roth
Accessibility Coordinator
Municipality of Brockton Box 68, 100 Scott Street Walkerton, ON NOG 2VO
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T. 519-881-2223 Ext. 26
Toll Free 1-877-885-8084
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The Municipality of Brockton has developed an Accessible Customer Service Policy.

This Policy includes information on the following:

  • Providing goods and services to people with disabilities
  • Communication
  • Use of service animals, support persons and assistive devices
  • Notice of temporary disruptions
  • Accessibility of meetings
  • Feedback process

Accessible Customer Service Training

The Municipality of Brockton Council, Committees, Boards, Employees and Volunteers are required to complete the Accessible Customer Service Training which includes:

  • The purpose of the Act
  • How to interact with people with various disabilities
  • How to interact with people who use assistance of a service animal or support person

Training Requirement for the Municipality of Brockton

The contractors, vendors and individuals that the Municipality of Brockton has contracted to provide goods or services must ensure that they and their employees are trained in providing accessible customer service. Once training is received, Contractors will be considered compliant by the Municipality of Brockton. Online training can be completed on the Ministry of Community and Social Services Website. Brockton will require that the Accessibility Regulations for Contracted Services Form be completed and submitted to the Clerk.

Service Disruption

Service disruptions will be posted on the website as soon as practicable. We have provided the prescribed format on our service disruption form.

Customer Feedback

We welcomes customer feedback to identify areas where changes need to be considered and ways in which the Municipality can improve the delivery of accessible goods and services.

The Customer Feedback Form may be completed and submitted to the Municipal Office by telephone, in person, in writing, by fax or by email to:

Municipality of Brockton
100 Scott Street, Box 68
Walkerton, ON N0G 2V0
Tel: 519-881-2223
Tollfree: 1-877-885-8084
Fax: 519-881-2991
Email Municipality of Brockton