Service Profiles


The services Brockton provides have been organized into six Focus Groups.

The Councillors and volunteers who sit on these Focus Groups have been reviewing the profiles for each of the services and asking the following questions:

  1. Is the service effective?
  2. Are we well served, underserved, or over served?
  3. Does the service provide a measureable impact on one or more of the four pillars of Brockton's Sustainable Strategic Plan?
  4. What suggestions would you make?
  5. How would you measure / recognize successful delivery of service?

At the same time they are reviewing these services, Focus Groups will attend the Community Open Houses planned for this fall to hear feedback from residents. Following this community consultation, Focus Groups will offer a series of suggestions in early December, 2015 .

Scroll through the list below and click on the draft documents to learn more about each of these services.

Environmental Services

Materials Management

Water and Sewer Utilities

Planning and Development Services Focus Group

Protection Services Focus Group

Recreation and Culture Services Focus Group

Social, Family, Health, and General Government Services Focus Group

Transportation Services Focus Group