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Municipal Services Review


In April 2015, Brockton Council approved a Services Review to define core services and suggest future improvements.

Brockton's services were divided into 6 Focus Groups and from September to December 2015, 3 councillors and 10 members of a citizen Advisory Committee met in these Groups and attended Community Open Houses to review Brockton's Municipal Services. The results of their hard work are highlighted in their Final Report:

Final Report:

Implementation Plan

At the June 20, 2016 Council Meeting, Brockton Council approved the June 2016 Municipal Services Review Implementation Plan Report. Please view the Implementation Plan for more information on recommendations gathered from the Final Report, and Council decisions.

On January 9, 2017, Brockton Council accepted the CAO/Clerk's Municipal Services Review Implementation Plan Update Report. Please view the Updated Implementation Plan to see the completed, and in progress recommendations from the review.

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Visit these pages to learn more about the Municipal Services Review:

Thank You!

To the Citizen Members of the Advisory Committee:
Alex Baran, Colleen Dostle, John Finlay, Darren Holm, Jenny Iserman, Barb Klages, James Lang, John McDougall, George Magwood, Hayley Murray

To Brockton Residents:
Thank you for sharing your ideas and suggestions at our Open Houses and for filling out our online survey and comment cards!