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Current Council Meeting Agenda


Our Vision:
We are a proud rural community strengthened by a balance of social equity, 
culture, environmental integrity, and progressive economic development.

Council Meeting - Monday, March 26, 2018

Location: Bruce County Council Chambers (30 Park Street, Walkerton)
Time: 7:00 p.m.


David Inglis, Mayor
Dan Gieruszak, Deputy Mayor
Steve Adams, Councillor
Bill Bell, Councillor
Dean Leifso, Councillor
Chris Oberle, Councillor
Chris Peabody, Councillor


Sonya Watson, CAO/Clerk
Brandy Patterson, Deputy Clerk and Sustainability Coordinator
Trish Serratore, CFO
John Strader, Roads Supervisor
Terry Tuck, CBO

1. Acceptance of Council Agenda


2. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest and General Nature Thereof

3. Public Meetings Required Under the Planning Act

4. Delegations

7:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

4.1 Brent Willis and John Slocombe, GM Blueplan Engineering Limited – Greenock Bridge 11

5. Minutes

5.1 Council Minutes - March 12, 2018

6. Business Arising From Minutes

7. Status Reports

8. Reports

8.1 Accept 2018 Tender for Calcium Chloride - Report PW2018-08 - Prepared by John Strader, Roads Supervisor

8.2 Accept 2018 Tender for Crushed Gravel - Report PW2018-09 - Prepared by John Strader, Roads Supervisor

8.3 Accept 2018 Tender for Hardtop-Hot Mix Paving Contract A(1) - Report PW2018-10 - Prepared by John Strader, Roads Supervisor

8.4 Accept 2018 Tender for Hardtop-Hot Mix Paving Contract A(2) - Report PW2018-11 - Prepared by John Strader, Roads Supervisor

8.5 Accept 2018 Tender for Hardtop-Hot Mix Paving Contract A(3) - Report PW2018-12 - Prepared by John Strader, Roads Supervisor

8.6 Accept 2018 Tender for Hardtop-Hot Mix Paving Contract A(5) - Report PW2018-13 - Prepared by John Strader, Roads Supervisor

8.7 Accept 2018 Tender for Single Surface Treatment Contract B(1) - Report PW2018-14 - Prepared by John Strader, Roads Supervisor

8.8 Ontario Super Storage Inc. Site Plan Control Agreement - Report BLDG2018-02 - Prepared by Terry Tuck, Chief Building Official

8.9 2018 Brockton Branding - Report CAO2018-07 - Prepared by Sonya Watson, CAO/Clerk

8.10 Association of Municipalities of Ontario Downtown Revitalization Grant - Report ED2018-08 - Prepared by Kathleen Arseneau, Community Development Coordinator and Sonya Watson, CAO/Clerk

9. Public Notification

10. Accounts - $485,076.19

10.1 Municipality of Brockton - Accounts Declaration
10.2 Accounts - $485,076.19

11. Correspondence Requiring Action

11.1 Walkerton Longest Day of Golf Committee - Request to Proclaim Longest Day of Golf a Community Festival

11.2 Invitation to Kincardine's Second Annual Pride Parade and Sponsorship Package

12. Information

12.1 Town of Essex Resolution - User Pay Child Care Services at AMO and FCM Conferences
12.2 City of Stratford - 2018 National Public Works Week
12.3 City of Hamilton Resolution- Support Essex on Offering School Property to Municipalities
12.4 Ontario Power Generation in Bruce County - Community Update March 2018
12.5 Minister of Seniors Affairs - Nomination Call for 2018 Senior of the Year Award
12.6 South Western Integrated Fibre Technology Inc. (SWIFT) - 2018 Project Update and Frequently Asked Questions
12.7 Walkerton BIA Board Meeting Minutes - February 14, 2018

13. Motions

Motions are also considered and voted on during the appropriate items on the agenda.

13.1 Endorse Bruce Grey Food Charter

14. By-Laws

14.1 By-Law 2018-021 - Appoint Executive - Walkerton Business Improvement Area Board of Management
14.2 By-Law 2018-022 - Delegate Authority Lame Duck Provisions
14.3 By-Law 2018-023 - Authorize CEMC Agreement
14.4 By-Law 2018-024 - Appointment of CEMC for Brockton
14.5 By-Law 2018-025 - Walkerton Super Storage Inc. Site Plan Agreement

15. Committee Minutes

15.1 Multi-Municipal Wind Turbine Working Group Minutes - January 11, 2018
15.2 Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority Minutes - February 13, 2018
15.3 Elmwood Community Centre Board Minutes - February 20, 2018
15.4 Brockton Recreation Committee Minutes - January 23, 2018
15.5 Brockton Economic Development Committee Minutes - December 18, 2017
15.6 Brockton Economic Development Committee Minutes - February 26, 2018
15.7 Community Improvement Committee Meeting Minutes - February 7, 2018

16. Business Brought Forward by Councillors

17. Closed Session


  • Personal matters about an identifiable individual, including municipal or local board employees - Staffing Matter
  • Advice that is subject to solicitor/client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose - Legal Resolution

18. Confirmation of Proceedings

18.1 By-Law 2018-026 - March 26, 2018 Confirmatory By-Law

19. Adjournment



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