Committee Members


Ad Hoc Committee 

Council set up a special Ad Hoc Committee of three Councillors and three staff members to work on the Services Review. 

Committee Members

  • Co-Chair - Dan Gieruszak, Deputy Mayor
  • Co-Chair - Steve Adams, Councillor
  • Bill Bell, Councillor
  • Debra Roth, CAO/Clerk
  • Brandy Patterson, Deputy Clerk - Sustainability Coordinator

Executive Summary

Over fifteen years ago the Town of Walkerton, Township of Greenock, and Township of Brant were amalgamated and the Municipality of Brockton was incorporated in 1999.

Each of these municipalities brought with it its own by-laws, policies, and services which evolved over 150 years. Since amalgamation, these by-laws, policies, and services have been merged to reflect Brockton's values and vision. In this time Brockton has had two official plan reviews and two strategic plan updates. The provincial government also downloaded significant responsibility to the municipality, while reducing funding.

The Committee has established Goals and a Process to move forward with Municipal Services Review as outlined in the Executive Summary.


To facilitate community discussions of the relative merits of municipal services and make recommendations to Council.

The review will include both legislated and discretionary services, committees receiving funding from the Municipality as well as services not presently offered but recommended by citizens.

Recommendations to Council should be consistent with the Municipality's Sustainable Strategic Plan, understanding the importance of economic, social, environmental, and cultural strengths within the community.

The Recreation Master Plan, the Roads and Bridge Plan, Waste Management Plan and the Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan are frameworks which have been developed through Council, Committee, staff, and public consultation and will be given significant consideration as the process moves forward.

Advisory Committee

The Councillors on the Ad Hoc Committee chose ten community volunteers to join the  citizen Advisory Committee. These volunteers are currently meeting as part of six Focus Groups to review all of Brockton's municipal services.

Each of the Focus Groups are working to review both legislated and non-mandatory services and will consider the recommendations provided in the following documents:

Advisory Committee Members

The following community volunteers and Councillors are serving as Advisory Committee Members as part of our Services Review.

They welcome your comments and feedback! Click their name to send them an email.

Advisory Committee Members
Focus GroupMembers
Environmental Services Focus GroupTBD, Deputy Mayor Dan Gieruszak
Planning and Development Services Focus GroupChair, James Lang, Alex BaranColleen DostleDarren HolmJenny IsermanDeputy Mayor Dan Gieruszak
Protection Services Focus GroupChair, Darren HolmGeorge MagwoodJohn McDougallCouncillor Bill Bell
Recreation and Culture Services Focus GroupChair, Hayley Murray, Alex BaranColleen DostleJohn FinlayJames LangCouncillor Steve Adams
Social, Family, Health, and General Government Services Focus GroupChair, Jenny Iserman, John FinlayBarb KlagesHayley MurrayCouncillor Steve Adams
Transportation Services Focus GroupChair, George Magwood, Barb KlagesJohn McDougallCouncillor Bill Bell