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Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority Issues Flood Watch

Posted on Wednesday February 21, 2018
flood watch

Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority has issued a Flood Watch! All watercourses are showing a rapid rise in water levels. Water levels have not peaked and will continue to rise. Flooding in typical low-lying areas should be expected.

Ice jams that are in some locations will be moving in response to the increasing river flows. Locally increased flooding could occur at these locations due to obstructed flow. As these ice jams move downstream it’s possible they might become lodged again temporarily, creating localized flooding at new locations.

Municipal public works staff are advised to monitor roads, bridges, and culverts where flooding in typical areas is likely to occur, but attention should be directed particularly to sites where ice jamming is possible.

The public is reminded to avoid rivers and streams as high flows pose a safety risk, and banks will be icy and slippery.

Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority staff will be monitoring river flows and weather conditions. The media release attached provides more details.