In 1849, two French Canadians named Jean Caskanette and Joseph Chatreau took up land in Greenock Township, on the Durham Road where the Mud (Teeswater) River flows.In 1851, a bridge was built and settlers soon followed. In 1854, George Cromar applied for a post office and was instrumental in having the name changed from Mud River to Riversdale.The first municipal election in Greenock Township was held in 1856 and George Cromar became Reeve. Later, George Cromar served as the first Warden of Bruce County. In 1856, a 'Plan of Riversdale' was laid out and the people had great hopes of Riversdale becoming the County Town. Neither the plan, nor the hope came to pass.In the early years, Riversdale had several hotels, two general stores, a shoemaker, cheese factory, saw mills, blacksmith shops, carriage maker, cooper and barrel maker shop, charcoal making, a steam saw mill, grist and shingle mill.