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Lake Communities


Just a short drive north east of Walkerton, you'll find our Lake Communities.

Lake Rosalind consists of three lake areas interconnected by waterways. There are two lakes connected to the south of Lake Rosalind known as Marl Lake and together the three lakes make up the "Marl Lakes". The Lake names have changed over the years taking on the name Lake Rosalind in the 1940s after one of the owner's wife.

The main sources of water for the lakes are natural springs and underground aquifers.  Lake Rosalind provides water for the Marl Lakes, Marl Creek and the Saugeen River.

The Marl Lakes are privately owned and home to a mix of full time residences and summer cottages.  Residents enjoy lakefront living in a close nit community atmosphere.  The lakes provide fantastic fishing and recreational boating.

Residents have formed the Lake Rosalind Property Owners Association (LRPOA) which maintains an active executive with involvement at both local and regional levels. For more information visit their website at

Lake Rosalind Residents Invited to Use Municipal Showers During Algae Outbreak - August 11, 2016

Dear Lake Rosalind Residents,

The Municipality of Brockton extends their sympathies to the residents of Lake Rosalind regarding the Blue-Green Algae outbreak.

In an act of consideration during this difficult time, the Municipality is offering residents the use of our showers at the Walkerton Community Centre/Arena during the hours of 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. If residents need to use these shower facilities outside of office hours, please contact the Arena at 519-881-0625.

Lake Rosalind residents have the Municipality's support during this inconvenience.

Yours Truly,

David Inglis
Mayor, Municipality of Brockton

Blue-Green Algae Detected in Lake Rosalind - July 15, 2016

The Bruce Grey Public Health Unit has issued a Media Release on July 15, 2016, stating that results from a sample taken on July 11 by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change show the presence of a blue-green algae bloom in Lake Rosalind. Additional testing is underway to determine concentrations.

As some types of blue-green algae can produce toxins, Public Health is advising caution around the use of Lake Rosalind and the interconnected Marl Lake. Residents using these lakes for drinking water should be aware that typical domestic treatment does not provide significant protection from blue-green algae or their toxins. Boiling water is also ineffective at reducing the toxin and may in fact increase it.

The use of alternative water supplies is recommended until more information is available on the levels of toxin in the lakes. In addition, the water should not be used for bathing or swimming and that pets be prevented from entering the water, particularly where the bloom is visible. Public Health continues to work with the Ministry and local residents groups on this issue. Contact Public Health if you have questions about this advisory. Contact the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Spills Action Centre, 1-800-268-6060, if further blooms are noted

Please view the Media Release and Blue-Green Algae Fact Sheet for more details.

For more information:
Andrew Barton
Public Health Manager
Grey Bruce Health Unit
519-376-9420 or 1-800-263-3456 ext. 1353