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Farming and Agriculture in Brockton


Agriculture is one of the most important parts of Brockton’s economy.

As a Brockton farmer we know you take great pride in your land and we know that some of your families have been farming the same farm for over five generations.

We know you take great pride in running your business too. Farmers in Brockton are forward thinking and innovative. We are home to a number of agricultural service and processing businesses that help to keep our agricultural sector growing.

The products you produce range from the best of Bruce County beef, sweet maple syrup, delicious dairy, bountiful crops and the freshest local fruits and vegetables. Residents and visitors alike don't have to look far to Savour Brockton.

In this section we hope you'll find information and links to programs and services that will make your job a bit easier. 

We welcome suggestions for links and information you’d like to see on these pages.