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Water Innovations


Brockton welcomes new water technologies, demonstrations and businesses to our community.

There are potential institutional components that may be developed in the Brockton water cluster. They are:

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Walkerton Open Water Systems Initiatives Working Group (WOWSI)

During 2012, Millier Dickinson Blais Inc. prepared two reports for the Brockton Economic Development Committee and the initial recommendation was to create a working group to oversee water innovations in Brockton. The Walkerton Open Water Systems Initiatives Working Group (WOWSI) is comprised of staff and community members who hired a Water Industry Coordinator in 2013  to assist with the development of a water asset map.

The reports entitled Brockton Water Technologies Report and the Brockton Technologies Incubator Report are the documents that the WOWSI will place their future objectives upon.

A Business Incubator

There is opportunity to develop a facility focused on support for new technologies in the water sector by supporting the incubation of new companies, with existing spaces or virtually, connections to existing manufacturing capacity, virtual mentoring and business services, and assistance with testing and regulations in the area.

The new facility could include shared administrative space, training and educational spaces to augment those at the Walkerton Clean Water Centre, lab spaces to support light manufacturing or testing, and perhaps shared ICT infrastructure to support the development of digital systems.

A Demonstration Site and Commercial Centre

There is an opportunity to support investment attraction and business development in the water sector through the expansion of demonstration facilities in the community as well as through the expansion of sector-specific and investment ready commercial spaces in the business park.

The Walkerton Clean Water Centre attracts a wide range of water systems professionals from the public and private sector every year, which offers the opportunity to build a demonstration site for the developers of new technology in proximity to the centre. This promotes market access among new business ventures in the sector while offering the opportunity to distribute new technologies and processes among the country’s municipal and private sector operators.

The municipality could focus on providing temporary space to water technology companies, small convention-type spaces to support demonstration and marketing of new products and services, or permanent spaces to augment the municipality’s current supply of office space and integrated commercial/industrial spaces that could be used by small businesses in the water sector.