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Terry Tuck
Chief Building Official (CBO) / Property Standards Officer
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The Municipality of Brockton feels that it is important that the details of any new development should be clearly understood by both the individual(s) initiating the development and the Municipality prior to any building permit(s) being issued.  Specifics of the development such as surface drainage, connections to municipal services, property line setbacks and exterior lighting should be reviewed by the Municipality prior to the initiation of the development.  This  process benefits the developer; the Municipality and the owners of adjacent properties.

For this reason the Municipality has adopted Site Plan Control requirements for any new development in the community of Walkerton and, on site specific locations, in other areas of Brockton. The Municipality has adopted a standard Site Plan Control Agreement for this purpose.

A  Site Plan Agreement has also been prepared which is specific to the municipally owned East Ridge Business Park.

Site Plan Agreement (Outside ERBP)

Site Plan Agreement (ERBP)

Site Plan Agreement Performance Deposit Tracking Form