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Severances and Zoning



Land Severance is the responsibility of the County of Bruce. County Council members are appointed to the Land Division Committee who make decisions about land severances. The Municipality of Brockton provides comments on Land Division applications.


The Municipality of Brockton Comprehensive Zoning By-Law - By-Law 2013-26 is a legal document, which is used to control the use and development of properties and buildings.

Zoning classifies properties into categories such as:

  • residential
  • commercial
  • industrial
  • institutional
  • agricultural

Each of these categories has legally enforceable regulations attached to them such as:

  • allowable size of a property
  • location and size of buildings on the property
  • number of parking spaces that must be provided


Amendments to the Zoning By-law may be obtained from time to time by submitting an application to the Bruce County Planning Department.

Please visit our Severances and Zoning Amendments page for more information.