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Official Plan Amendments


Your property is zoned for a particular land use and if you would like to use your property for a purpose other than it is zoned, you may need to apply for an Official Plan Amendment to the County of Bruce.

To get started visit the Bruce County Planning Applications page and review the Bruce County Land Use Planning Page to view Official Plan/Secondary Plan Amendment information, and learn more about the application process and fees.

Once you have gathered the information you need about your proposed application, please contact the Bruce County Planner for Brockton to discuss your application.

Walkerton Community Official Plan Amendments

The Walkerton Community Official Plan was approved in October 2009.

This list reflects approved amendments to the Plan following the Plan's consolidation in November 2012.

 Walkerton Community Official Plan Amendments
Amendment Number By-Law Number Applicant Roll Number Date
Number 8 By-Law 2013-058 928119 Ontario Ltd (Morrow) 4104-340-0010-5400 June 17, 2013
Number 9 By-Law 2014-057

Municipality of Brockton
Historic Walkerton Downtown - Community Improvement Area (CIP)


June 23, 2014
Number 10 By-Law 2014-096 County of Bruce (Walkerton Jail)


November 10, 2014
Number 11 By-Law 2015-078 Deferred Deferred Deferred
Number 12 By-Law 2015-086 MacArthur 4104-360-005-01800 November 9, 2015