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Key Industries and Sectors


Key economic sectors that are driving much of the new investment in the community are the value-added agriculture, energy, industrial, tourism and water sectors.

Agricultural Sector

Brockton's economy is largerly driven by the agricultural secotr. For more information view our Agriculture and Agri-Business page.

Energy Sector

Bruce County has significant energy assets on which it continues to build. With a base of nuclear power and solar energy, Bruce County is leading the way in Ontario's energy sector. View our Energy Sector page for more information and resources. 

Manufacturing Sector

For a list of our Industries, further information and resources, view our Manufacturing Sector page.

Tourism Sector

For a list of tourist attractions, resources and links view our Tourism Sector page.

Water Sector

The Walkerton Clean Water Centre provides a training facility for small and medium municipal water systems.

Brockton's new initiative the Walkerton Open Water Systems Initiative ( WOWSI) has now established a working group and hired a Water Industry Coordinator to promote Brockton as a water cluster site.

View our Water Sector page for more information and resources.