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Economic Development Committee


Kathleen Arseneau
Community Development Coordinator
Municipality of Brockton
Box 68, 100 Scott Street
Walkerton, ON NOG 2VO
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Phone: 519-881-2223 Ext 131
Toll Free: 1-877-885-8084
Fax: 519-881-2991
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The Brockton Economic Development Committee was established in 2001 as a Committee of Council for the purpose of providing leadership in the Economic Recovery of the Municipality following the Water Crisis of May 2000.

As one of their first tasks the Economic Development Committee assisted with the development of an Economic Recovery Plan which resulted in the securing of 2.6 million dollars of Provincial Funding directed to economic recovery purposes. Administration of these funds became the responsibility of this Committee. These funds were directed to a number of areas e.g. Downtown/Fa├žade Program, Lobies Park Revitalization, East Ridge Business Park Development, Agriculture and Seniors. The expense of these funds was monitored by the Provincial Government, the funding source. The success of this program is noted in the fact that this Economic Recovery Funding Program has been used as a template by the Province for economic recovery.

One ongoing measure of their success is the continuing developments in the East Ridge Business Park. A "World Class" water training center is located there as well as the Regional Office for Westario Power. A number of other businesses have also located there. In 2011 the Ontario Provincial Police completed construction of their new Area Headquarters.

Members of the Economic Development Committee take great pride in the recent location of a 50 room Best Western Hotel in the business park.

As noted in a review of their work to date the Brockton Economic Development Committee has and continues to promote the economic well-being of Brockton.

The Committee meets as required and at the call of the chair. All Meetings are open to the public and Agendas and Minutes are available for public review.

A new business recognition program welcomes new businesses to the Municipality.

Business Recognitions

The Brockton Economic Development Committee recognizes local businesses for their dedicated effort shown in establishing their enterprise. They congratulate business anniversaries, relocations, significant expansions, and new businesses uprooting in the Brockton community.

Visit our Business Recognitions page for full details on how you can register to be recognized.