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About Brockton

Residents in the Brockton area live in a vibrant agricultural community. It is the community's agricultural heritage that has led to many residents having a strong work ethic and commitment to product and service quality. Walkerton residents also enjoy lower housing costs and immediate access to the natural environment compared to their urban counterparts.

A small-town lifestyle fosters an environment where innovative projects can be implemented easily. For example, the Municipality of Brockton offers a Polystyrene recycling program, which was initiated by a local environmental group and launched successfully in a very short time period.

Development costs are also lower in the Brockton area compared to larger urban centres. There are no commercial or industrial development charges, which lowers business expansion costs.


Brockton's strengths include:

  • A firmly rooted base of companies that have demonstrated high levels of entrepreneurial energy and competitiveness
  • A group of drinking water treatment researchers who have the tools to transfer knowledge to operators and other suppliers through practical hands-on operator training
  • An openness for additional demonstration projects in the water technologies field
  • An agricultural community that recognizes the importance of source water protection first hand and uses irrigation systems to improve crop yields
  • A local commitment from employees and employers to provide quality products and services that sustain the local economy
  • Well-established, local utility providers able to provide streamlined access to electricity and telecommunications services

Spruce the Bruce Walkerton Toolkit

At their April 25, 2016 Meeting, Brockton Council passed Resolution 16-13-111, endorsing the Walkerton Toolkit as a guideline to inform future public and private marketing, infrastructure and business investments efforts in and around the downtown Walkerton Community Improvement area. 

View the Walkerton Toolkit for more information on Walkerton's marketing, physical design branding, organization and collaboration efforts, and economic development goals.