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Community Development Projects


Business Retention and Expansion Project (BR+E)

The Municipality of Brockton is committed to its local businesses and aims to help them thrive. The BR+E project allows the municipality to identify opportunities and remove any barriers to retain and grow existing business. This ongoing project will strengthen the community, enable business development, investment and job creation, and solidify relationships between organizations.  Existing businesses are committed to the community and the Municipality is committed to their success.

Business to Bruce

The function of the Business to Bruce Program is to support business development, business recruitment and business enhancement. This program focuses on inspiring, attracting and supporting business owners and entrepreneurs by engaging and mobilizing the local business communities and municipalities while using County level resources to give the project reach and scale.

Spruce the Bruce

Spruce the Bruce supports local community efforts to facilitate long-term downtown revitalization plans, bringing together stakeholders to build community capacity and assist with strategic policy and capital investment. The program provides communities with the resources to develop strategies and implementation methods necessary to maintain and grow healthy commercial areas in association with the County and various partners.

View the Walkerton Toolkit for more information on Walkerton's marketing, physical design branding, organization and collaboration efforts, and economic development goals. 

Explore the Bruce

The main function of the Explore the Bruce Program is to market and promote Bruce County as a place to visit. The objective is to increase the length of stays and increase the amount of visitor spending. Bruce County will continue to market and promote Bruce County as a place to visit and enhance the message to further consider Bruce County as a place to live and work.