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Walkerton Community Official Plan Review


The Walkerton Community Official Plan was approved in December 2009. The Ontario Planning Act requires that municipal Official Plans be reviewed every five years. The Municipality has initiated this 5-year review process.   The goal of the Five Year Review is to ensure that the Official Plan:

  • has regard to the matters of provincial interest, listed in Section 2 of the Planning Act
  • is consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement, 2014.
  • contains policies that are current, relevant and meet the needs of the Walkerton Ward residents.

Public Consultation Schedule

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Q & A Regarding the Official Plan Review Process

Why is the Municipality reviewing the Walkerton Official Plan?

The Ontario Planning Act requires all municipal Official Plans to be updated every five years. The existing Official Plan was approved in December 2009.

What does an update consist of?

The Planning Act requires a 5 year review and update in order to ensure that the Official Plan remains consistent with Provincial Plans, the Provincial Policy Statement, has regard for matters of Provincial interest and conforms to the policies of the County of Bruce Official Plan.

How will the public be consulted?

The Work Plan endorsed by the Project Steering Committee outlines how the public will be consulted. In summary, the public will be consulted through a Special Meeting of Council, two Public Open Houses and at a Statutory Public Meeting in late spring 2016. The exact dates will be advertised and posted to the Municipal website.

The goal of the Special Meeting of Council is to hear from Walkerton residents about any concerns they have with the Official Plan; what parts of the Official Plan are working well; what policies should be added and what policies should be removed or changed. The Meeting is held at the start of the Review process.

The goal of the 1st Public Open House is to engage residents on various issues raised during the Special Meeting and also to present information that has been collected to that point of the Review process.

The goal of the 2nd Public Open House is to present to, and receive feedback from, the public on the work and draft changes that have been reviewed by the Project Steering Committee.

After the Public Open Houses a mandatory Public Meeting will be held where the draft changes will be presented to Brockton Council. Any draft changes to the Official Plan that will be presented to Council will be posted to the Municipal website.

Why is it important to participate?

The only way in which Council and the Planners can hear public concerns is if you participate!

The Planning Act may also limit your right to appeal any decision made by Council if you do not make known your concerns either in writing or in person.

What is the approval process?

After the initial input is received from the public and agencies, the Project Steering Committee will work with staff to develop a draft document for public review. The mandatory Public Meeting will be held to garner input with respect to the draft document from the public.

Following the mandatory Public Meeting, changes to the amendment(s) will be made as needed and the final document will be forwarded to Council for their final decision. Once adopted by Council, the amendment(s) is sent to the County of Bruce for final approval. The County can approve the amendment(s) as submitted, or modify the amendment(s) at its discretion to ensure it conforms to Provincial planning policy.

What are my options if I am dissatisfied with the outcome of the Official Plan update?

Once a decision regarding any proposed changes to the Plan is made by the County of Bruce, there will be 20-day appeal period at which time those who requested a copy of the Decision or made written or oral comments at a public meeting will be eligible to appeal the Decision. The appeal is made to the Ontario Municipal Board.

Contact Information

Planning staff are available to meet with residents regarding the Official Plan review. An appointment can be scheduled, or comments can be submitted at any time to:

David Smith, MCIP, RPP
Senior Planner
County of Bruce Planning & Development Department
30 Park Street
Walkerton, ON  N0G 2V0