Energy Sector

Bruce County has significant energy assets on which it continues to build. With a base of nuclear power and solar energy, Bruce County is leading the way in Ontario's energy sector. There are many local opportunities to service this vital sector. The sector's main employer is Bruce Power in Tiverton, Ontario. Walkerton is the home of another major energy sector employer - Westario Power, located in the East Ridge Business Park.

  • East Ridge Business Park - This business park is a municipally owned area that assist with purchasing land, permitting business expansions. The area is serviced with water, sewer and electrical systems. Employers operating from the park include Westario Power, Ontario Provincial Police, Walkerton Clean Water Centre, Cox Signs and several others.
  • Walkerton Clean Water Centre - This centre is an agency of the Government of Ontario that provides  hands-on training, research and technology demonstration needs of Ontario's drinking water sector.