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Brockton Parks and Recreation Department
290 Durham Street West, Box 850
Walkerton ON
N0G 2V0
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T. 519-881-0625
F. 519-881-4445
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Brockton's community centres provide residents and visitors with many options for hosting all kinds of events, from fundraisers to family reunions to wedding receptions.


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  All Fees

Community Center
Auditorium Rental Rates

Bradley School
Community Center Rental Rates

Community Center 
Rental Rates


Community Center Rental Rates

Hall Fees

$300 per event per day (Hall Only - Set Up Included)

$50.00 per hour (Hall Only, No Alcohol, Minimum of 3 Hours)

$136.00 Auditorium Rental in conjunction with Ice Rental (No Bar)

SOCAN Tariffs (dancing) - $65.00

SOCAN Tariffs (no dancing) - $35.00

*$100.00 non-refundable deposit for hall

$60.00 per day

$70 (effective March 1, 2018)

 $100.00 Snow Removal (if required)


$325.00 per day (Hall Rental Only)

$60.00 per hour (Up to 3 Hours)

Weddings/Large events $75.00/day (Decorating/Set Up)

Celebration of Life Event $225.00

*$100.00 non-refundable deposit for hall


$225.00Celebration of Life Event

$315.00 per day


$395.00 per day

Auditorium (Special Event)

$260.00 Banquet Room and Kitchen

$150.00 Banquet Room

$480.00 two floor special


Bar Fees


Corkage Fees


Dispensed/Open Case of 24 - $5.00

Dispensed/Open 40 oz Liquor - $15.00

Bar Steward Rate - $18.00/per hour

Security for Special Occasion Permits
  $325.00 (min. 2 security, min. 5 hours)

No Alcohol allowed

Dispensed/Open Case of 24 - $5.00

Dispensed/Open 40oz Liquor - $15.00

Wine - $50.00

Bar Steward Rate - $15.00

Security for Special Occasion Permits if required - $325.00 minimum

 $160.00 Bartenders (2 @4hrs)

$10.00 Social Hour (1 bartender per hour, Min. $20)

$20.00 Bartender Prep and Cleanup

Corkage of $.50 per glass will be assessed and billed at the conclusion of the event

Security To be determined


Dishwasher and dishes for up to 100 people


Dishes for 50-60 people

Pots, pans, serving dishes

No Dishwasher

Fridge, stove Microwave


Coffee Perks, Small Utensils - $75.00

Perks, Utensils, Large Appliances -$200

Full kitchen Usage $350.00


Includes a stove, cooler, freezer, dishwasher, meat slicer, coffee perks, dishes and serving ware at No Extra Cost


Auditorium available for meetings

$32.00 Meetings Under 20
  (No Tables or Chairs Set Up)


Small meeting room available

$45.00 Meeting Room (Up to 3 Hours)

Wi-Fi, screens, LCD projectors, sound system, microphones available at each level for No Extra Cost

  and Chairs

Table Rental ($6.00 each)

Chair Rental ($1.00 each)

12 long tables, 10 card tables

50 round tables ($5.00 each)

10 cocktail tables ($5.00 each)



*Fees Do Not Include HST

*Fees Do Not Include HST

Chandelier for center of hall $75.00

Extra staging 4'x8' -2 feet high $15.00/each

*Fees Do Not Include HST

$120.00 Picnic Shelter

$170.00 Picnic Shelter with Kitchen or Bar area

$75.00 Picnic Shelter kitchen or bar




For bookings please contact Brockton Recreation at 519-881-0625 or visit

 Linda Thompson


Licensed Events

Renters for licensed events (where alcohol will be served) must ensure their compliance with Brockton's Municipal Alcohol Policy and must provide proof of Public Alcohol Liability Insurance.

Visit the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario webpage for more information on hosting licensed events.

Lottery Licensing

All gaming activities in Brockton require a license. For more information about how to apply and who is eligible visit our Lottery Licensing page.