Project Background


The Challenge

In 2008 a group of concerned soccer parents and coaches first learned about the Bluewater District School Board's accommodation review. Realizing that school closures in Walkerton could lead to fewer soccer fields to play on, a committee was formed to suggest some solutions. This group presented  their concerns to Brockton Council and Council agreed to assist the group to come up with a solution. The group's presentation to Council also helped to raise awareness about the popularity of minor soccer and adult soccer programs in Walkerton.

An Idea

In the time that followed, several building and infrastructure grants were available and the Municipality hired a consultant to determine community need. As a result, the Municipality applied for funding to build a new community centre and arena complex which included soccer fields. In an effort to secure funding for this new facility, Brockton appointed the Project Management Team (PMT) to oversee the project and a Soccer Field Sub-Committee was set up as part of the Project Management Team.

In the end, funding was not available and the timing was not right to build a larger municipal complex and recreation facility. With the closure of schools in Walkerton, finding suitable fields for soccer was still a priority for the Project Management Team and Brockton Council. 

The Project

In July 2015 Brockton Council accepted a tender from TDI Ag International to construct four soccer fields in East Ridge Business Park. At the same meeting, Council approved the PMT Fundraising Committee's Brockton Soccer Fields Fundraising Plan

In January 2016, Bruce Power donated $100,000 to the project and in thanks our new fields will be named, Brockton's Bruce Power Regional Soccer Park.

Since the committee of concerned parents and coaches first met in 2008, Walkerton Minor Soccer has grown in size and numbers from approximately 300 participants, to 450 participants in the 2015 season.

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