Social Equity


Service Groups and Volunteers

Brockton community has a very strong volunteer base in its service clubs, faith groups, sports leagues, and committees. Each day, these organizations put forward a tremendous effort to improve the quality of life in the Brockton community and make it a better place to live.

• Brockton is home to dozens of volunteer organizations, each making a valuable and unique contribution to the community. Examples of the contributions being made by our volunteer groups include trail construction and maintenance, the operation of community centres, fundraising and making charitable contributions, organizing community events, and much more.
• The current volunteer base is aging, and there is a need to actively recruit youth into volunteer-driven organizations

Healthy Lifestyles

Good access to the services necessary for a healthy lifestyle is one of the Municipality of Brockton’s key strengths. Through the South Bruce Grey Health Centre and the Family Health Team, area residents are able to obtain their healthcare services locally. Community health also includes access to recreation services and ensuring that service delivery meets the needs of changing demographics. Protecting the community’s health and safety via Emergency Medical Services, fire protection, and policing is also a critical aspect of County and Municipal service delivery. Ensuring all of these services are accessible is of utmost importance to the community and is continually considered by all service delivery organizations operating within Brockton.

• Brockton Recreation and Leisure Services Master Plan (completed in 2011) guides recreation service delivery in the Municipality. The Plan recommends investing in a new, multi-use municipal facility.
• The Municipality of Brockton has an updated Multi Year Accessibility Plan to meet the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.
• Brockton’s recreational facilities are busy places, with recent estimates (2009) suggesting that more than 230,000 single uses take place each year.
• The Walkerton Fire Department provides programming for youth through initiatives such as its first annual Junior Firefighter Program, which saw 28 participants in 2012.
• The Ontario Provincial Police’s South Bruce detachment provides police services to Brockton and opened its new police station in the East Ridge Business Park in Walkerton on July 5, 2012.
• The Walkerton & District Hospital Foundation raises funds necessary for the acquisition of healthcare equipment, such as the recent purchase of a neonatal warmer.
• The median age in Brockton is 45.0 years (compared with 40.4 in Ontario), and is increasing faster than the rest of Ontario. School Board projections show a general enrolment decline for secondary students in Brockton, indicating that the decline in the youth demographic is forecasted to continue.

Lifelong Learning

Education is a key factor in reaching one’s potential. From our first days to our later years, learning continues to be a fulfilling and important experience. As such, access to early learning in the form of day care, meaningful kindergarten to Grade 12 education, and post-secondary/adult learning opportunities is important in contributing to our ongoing development.

• Bruce County Public Library has eighteen branches, with one in Cargill and one in Walkerton. West Grey Public Library has a branch in Elmwood.
• The Municipality operates a daycare facility in Brockton – the Walkerton Day Care Centre.
• The Walkerton Clean Water Centre (WCWC) provides high quality training in the area of excellence in the provision of clean drinking water to people from around the world. The WCWC also conducts ongoing applied research in the area of drinking water treatment.
• The Bluewater District School Board currently operates one school in Brockton: the Walkerton District Community School (which opened in 2012). The Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board operates three schools in Brockton: Mary Immaculate School, Mother Theresa School, and Sacred Heart High School.
• There are currently no post-secondary institutions in Brockton or Bruce County. The closest post-secondary school is Georgian College in Owen Sound.


Access to transportation and being able to get from one place to another greatly increases one’s quality of life – whether it is for going to school, work, recreation and leisure activities, healthcare services, or visiting with family and friends. This can include conventional means such as automobile transportation, or active approaches such as walking or cycling. The infrastructure needed to get from one place to another in Brockton (e.g., roads and bridges) is a service provided by the Municipality and the County.

• The road network in Brockton consists mostly of local and County Roads, with one provincial highway serving as the main link to markets in the south.
• Saugeen Mobility and Regional Transit (SMaRT) offers transportation services for intellectually and physically challenged, elderly, and frail residents of Brockton and seven other local municipalities in Bruce and Grey Counties. Transportation services are provided for non-emergency medical, employment, and social activities within and beyond the program’s eight municipality service area.
• Bruce County initiated a Bridge Infrastructure Master Plan process in the Fall of 2011 in order to address deficiencies in County-owned bridges in Brockton and Arran-Elderslie.
• The Bruce County Rail Trail runs from the Bruce-Huron Line to Port Elgin, and west to Kincardine, passing through the Municipality of Brockton. The Saugeen River Trail provides six kilometres of pedestrian trails along the river in Walkerton. The Rotary Club contributed to their creation and is working on expanding the trails and creating better trail linkages. There are thirteen kilometres of trails in Brockton, which are suitable for hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing, and more.
• The South Bruce Snowmobile Trail in Brockton is a groomed, 50 kilometre double trail through local fields and woodlots.