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Energy Conservation and Demand Management


Energy efficiency and the wise use of energy are two of the lowest cost options for meeting energy demands, while providing many other environmental, economic and social benefits, including reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, cost avoidance and savings.

Energy efficiencies and the wise use of energy also promote local economic development opportunities, energy system reliability, improved energy supply security and reduced price volatility.

The Municipality of Brockton supports energy conservation and a strategic approach to managing the demand for energy to operate all of its facilities. In addition, the management of energy used by the municipality is strategic to its sustainability in the future.

Ontario Regulation 397/11, Energy Conservation and Demand  Management Plans, passed under the Green Energy Act requires municipalities to file an Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan. In addition to outlining our conservation and demand management plan, this Plan includes a summary of the Municipality's 2012 energy consumption data. 

Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan

We have prepared a first draft of our Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan:

A print version is available for review at the Brockton Municipal Office (100 Scott Street, Walkerton).