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Economic Opportunities



Business retention and attraction is essential to the prosperity of any rural community. Brockton, like many of its neighbours, has faced recent challenges including global uncertainty, economic unrest, and a general out-migration of youth to Southern Ontario's urban centres. Fortunately, many dedicated groups and individuals are working for the benefit of the broader community to ensure that economic development opportunities are taken advantage of when they present themselves. With continued development and more serviced land available in the East Ridge Business Park, Brockton is well positioned to capitalize on new opportunities.

  • The East Ridge Business Park, established in 2000, provides serviced land for existing businesses looking to grow and new businesses looking to become established in Brockton.
  • The Economic Development Committee is working with the Walkerton Clean Water Centre to attract other water-related businesses and economic development opportunities.
  • The Walkerton Business Improvement Association (BIA) works to improve, beautify, and maintain the area within the BIA as well as promoting the community as a business, shopping, and service destination.
  • The Bluewater Wood Alliance, chaired by a member of the Brockton business community, is a cluster of wood production and manufacturing companies in Bruce and Grey Counties. Regional employment in this sector is in the order of approximately 700 jobs, while annual sales exceed $72,000,000.
  • The Saugeen Economic Development Corporation serves Brockton and ten other municipalities in Grey Bruce, acting as a resource centre for businesses.


Agriculture has long been part of Brockton's economic wellbeing and cultural identity, and Brockton is home to some of the best farmland in Bruce County. In 2011, 390 farms operated in Brockton, with approximately 54% (30,678 of 56,540 hectares) of the Municipality's total land area in crop production. The main type of agriculture in Brockton today is livestock, oilseed, and grain production.

  • Bruce County's Official Plan contains policies intended to protect agricultural land and to recognize, strengthen, and promote agriculture as an important component of the County's economy.
  • Gross farm receipts in Brockton are the highest of any Bruce County municipality, with figures exceeding $84,000,000 in 2010.
  • The Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) program, new to Bruce County in 2012, provides financial incentive to farmers to convert environmentally sensitive and marginally productive lands back to a natural state.
  • More than one-third (142 of 390) of Brockton's farms are involved in cattle and dairy farming.
  • Brockton is home to eleven organic farms, with ten of those being certified.
  • A Farmers' Market is held weekly on Friday in Walkerton during July and August, providing a local outlet for producers and consumers.
  • The Grey Bruce Agriculture & Culinary Association is dedicated to the promotion of "Buy Local! Buy Fresh! Grey Bruce" which links local food producers and processors with consumers.


Bruce County is well known as a premium tourism destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Not surprisingly, tourism is one of the County's foremost economic drivers. Brockton, like the rest of the County, has tourism assets that it wishes to promote, and has recently been examining ways in which to increase its profile as a tourist destination with the Spruce the Bruce Program.

  • The Bruce County Official Plan recognizes tourism as a vital component of the County's economy, and seeks to recognize, promote and strengthen the sector.
  • The Saugeen River has long been known for its noteworthy tourism potential through premium fishing and canoeing opportunities. Recent efforts are underway to maximize its potential as a sustainable fishing destination.
  •  Brockton's many sports tournaments and recreational events bring thousands of visitors to the community each year, contributing to the Municipality's economic well-being.
  • Doors Open Walkerton and Area is an annual event allows visitors to tour historical and architecturally unique sites. The most recent event (2012) featured 18 locations.