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Brockton's Bruce Power Regional Soccer Park


The Bruce Power Regional Soccer Park is Offically Open!

The Official Grand Opening took place Saturday May 27, 2017 and fields endured an amazing first season.  To book the soccer fields, please contact Brockton Parks and Recreation at (519) 881-0625. 

Let Construction Begin!

Since 2008 a group of dedicated volunteers have been working with Brockton Council to realize their dream of building safe, municipal soccer fields for youth and adults in Brockton.

In July 2015 Brockton Council accepted a tender from TDI Ag International to construct four soccer fields in East Ridge Business Park and initial work began in Fall 2015.

In January 2016, Bruce Power donated $100,000 to the project and in thanks our new fields will be named, Brockton's Bruce Power Regional Soccer Park.

To learn more about this exciting project, click the links below:


 Bruce Power Regional Soccer ParkBruce Power Regional Soccer Park